Born as a soul disappear as a star!

As the mass collapses into infinity, a black hole is formed similarly a bodily cover embedded with an eternal soul was born. It’s a deep biological and spiritual connection that leads to birth of life with shining face, pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.

The life, totally unaware of what is happening all around presumes always eager to touch, taste, speak and listen. Connecting with potential parents it seems to be born with a purpose and set on a path for earthly incarnation.

As the life grows it enters the mysteries of understanding and perceive the taste of physical life. Likewise the dark hole swallow all light, the life manifest to absorb knowledge floats around it. Life got its opportunity to feel nectar of trust and love expressed and experienced under motherly care.

Under the umbrella of parental control, life start grasping moral and cultural values and Moment-by-Moment this physical form progress on cosmic order and start getting engaged in material activity.

Unaware of religion, cast, discrimination, and colour life stretch out to an academy of learning where it acquires descriptive and experimental knowledge. It requires ample amount of energy and time to attain consciousness. Life experiences how to care, share, read, write, learn, and wholesome facts how the universe and man made world works. Moving out of the collective unconscious into mature selves, it establish a persona—which can be understood simply as that small portion of the collective psyche which they embody, perform, and identify. Good upbringing brings all ideal traits required to evolve the soul in a liberated form of grown personality.

As the time passes the self-realized soul starts controlling mind and senses to play all roles and responsibility and perform all prescribed duties. During this journey it never entangles in and aspires fruits of its action and keep itself devoted to engage in welfare work.

With the weapon of knowledge, divine love, blissful nature it radiates the positivity to everyone who surround it. By tasting the nature of sacrifice it develops attachment to masses/family with love and affection. Bodily form of this soul tries hard for betterment and evolve and contribute to humanity and seek a better future.

Despite of overwhelming and countless achievements it never miss an opportunity to learn something new and always inspired by qualities of others. It always try to attain supreme consciousness by keeping itself away from greed, bias, anger and jealous. It adopt all humanity traits by picking abstract positive energy surrounds him.

Blessed with grace of almighty this bodily form of law abiding citizen follows all duties and responsibilities and pursue it for social cause and cares for nature.

With the ability to let go of all attachments of universe and material world this divine energy or soul disappears from bodily form and proceeds for next incarnation.

“Living entity, material nature and time are all interrelated and are all eternal.”

Published by Vijay Nirban

Love to share and care......

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