Born as a soul disappear as a star!

As the mass collapses into infinity, a black hole is formed similarly a bodily cover embedded with an eternal soul was born. It’s a deep biological and spiritual connection that leads to birth of life with shining face, pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower. The life, totally unaware of whatContinue reading “Born as a soul disappear as a star!”

Untapped financial meltdown!

Ultra-microscopic virus engulfed the world and WHO declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic, followed by various countries issuing travel bans, emergencies, lock-downs, and other restrictions. Capital markets across the world tanked miserably. Phrases like Mortgage crisis, Credit crisis, Bank collapse, Government bailout frequently appears in the headlines. Although we have already overcome such a major turmoilContinue reading “Untapped financial meltdown!”